For example, you can do as follows;
1) Planning your own journeys (when the written information in the Activity page is not enough.)

When you see the Activity page of STP-Gateway membership site, you could find activities which you want to join, accommodation area which you want to stay and foods which you want to eat. However, you may be anxious if using only the written information written in the Activities page at making your journey plan.

At that time, get the information in the bulletin board from the people who actually experience by finding activities and accommodations which you are purposed.

If you cannot get information you want from the bulletin board, try to ask to other members. It is sure somebody gives you advice.
In addition, try to search in “TourAlbum”. You can see their experience not only with mentions but with photos and movies if other members have posted their memories as album. If you want to know more details, you can also ask questions to the member who posted in the comments of the album.

2) Planing your journeys as ” simulating the day when you go to Mt.Fuji someday”.

You are interested in Eco-tourism, environment and history surrounding Mt. Fuji, and also try to have Janapese foods and communicate with people of other countries in travel spot someday. However, it is hard to go to Japan immediately. At that time, why don’t you make a simulation for someday when you go to Mt.Fuji as making many ideal plans.

For example, calculating CO2 emmision is also available in “EcoTourPlanner”. If you make a plan which CO2 emission is the minimum quantity for the activities you want to join and show to every members as writing the purpose of the plan, the plan is one of your portpolios to present your idea about ECO-TOURISM. It will be an opportunity to exchange with other members with getting advice and discussing on the plan.

3) Planning your journeys “even though you have no experience for Eco-tourism”.

When you have no experience of Eco-tour and hard to make a detail plan of journey even though you are interested in Eco-tourism and Sustainable tourism, search the plans which created by other members in the past.

When you find the plan referring for you and check other plans and albums of the members, you could get tips for creating your own plans.

4) Discussing in bulltine board(SNS)

Therefore, many of the members have a strong interest in the eco-tourism, environmental protection and sustainable society.
In the bulltine board(SNS) of STP-Gateway, you can use it as a place to exchange opinion with members who lives different regions and has different thinking about Eco-tourism and Enviromental issues as well as you can feel free to post your memories and experiences of travel.

If you ask a question to other members, that is a start of new opinion by just posting.
When you see My Page, Review, Plan and Album of the member who posted and you can trust him/her, you can share much further opinion with meeting him/her and discuss directly in the traveling

5) Creating the albums as a portopolio

The album is a tool for communicating with other members by
recording the memories.

You can feel free to show funny memories, and also it is possible to make a work to be cosidered carefully as a memory that you have experienced.

If you creat many albums and show them, it will be a portfolio for your journey and thoughts, and it could make you get interest, sympathy and support from other members.

Overview of Bulltine Borad(SNS)

It is a place to discuss and exchange information with members.

  • Sending/collecting information of Eco-tour experience
  • Expressing your opinion for Mt.Fuji and Eco-tourism
  • Asking for the moving information and accommodation to the Fujiyoshida area

You can share opinion and information by contacting to everyone in bulltine board.

Overview of EcoTourPlanner

It is a tool which can schedule and book for activities joining, meals and accommodation during staying by operating map.

There is no limit to the number of the plans which can create.
Of course you can really use as a planning table to go to a journey, you can show your ideal journey to everyone which create by using map. (Link to the page of description.)

It is an online album of the journey which can easily create your own memory of journey with photos and sentences and you can show it.

It is possible to use freely such as recording the funny memories of the journey and presenting your own thinking through the activities which you had experience. (Link to the page of description)