Company Profile会社概要

Company Name商号 STP-Gateway Co.,Ltd.STP-Gateway株式会社
Address本社所在地 3-13-18 Kamiyoshida, Fujiyoshida-city, Yamanashi-Pref. Japan 403-0005
Phone 0555(73)9105     Fax 0555(73)9106郵便番号 403-0005 山梨県富士吉田市上吉田3-13-18
Phone 0555(73)9105     Fax 0555(73)9106
Board Member役員
Representaive Director
Isao Ikegami
Toshihiko Ono
Manaka Fukazawa
Hiroyuki Tokiwa
Isao Ikegami
Representaive Director
Mayumi Watanabe

池上 功
小野 俊彦
深澤 央
常盤 博之
渡辺 真由美

Foundation date創立 Dec, 11. 20162016年12月11日
Scope of Business事業内容 1) Information service by internet for mainly foreign travelers
2) Support for mainly foreign traveller’s local stay and activity
3) Planning & implementation of local environment & culture experience(e.g.ecological tour)
4) Planning & implementation of new service associated with local industries & communities
Capital資本金 Jyen 1,000,000.1,000,000 円
Number of Employee従業員数 10 (including non-regular employees)10(非正規雇用含む)
Main Clients主要取引先 Interactive Creators Co.,Ltd. ZEUS Co.,Ltd. Goga Co.,LTd. Kagoya Japan Co.,Ltd. 株式会社インタラクティブクリエイターズ、株式会社ゼウス、株式会社ゴーガ、カゴヤジャパン株式会社
Own Bank取引銀行 Tsuru Credit Association Main Office都留信用組合 本店
Company Missionミッション Aim environmant preservation by sustainable sightseeing of World heritage Mt.Fuji based on 25 years experience in ecological tour, environment education tour and land operation by inbouders around Mt.Fuji and its vicinity.
Target GSTC(Global Sustainable tourism Council) cetrification for Mt.Fuji by UNWTO.
Offer new platform type service of virtual information planning by website and availability of on-site supporters.
Plan and implement new tour collaborated with local communities and different industries.